Introduction or Applied FP Course?

Posted on October 23, 2018

At QFPL, we often run Functional Programming courses, both to raise awareness for the general community, and professionally. We typically offer an Introductory FP Course, which starts at the beginning with fundamental FP exercises, and the Applied FP Course Attendees, which assumes prior FP knowledge and focusses on web and database programming. Participants are often unsure which is most appropriate for them to attend. This post hopes to make a clear test to help answer this question.

During the Introductory FP Course, we cover fundamental concepts such as Applicative and Monad and why they are used. We investigate the degree of abstraction these concepts provide and discuss the practical consequences. Typically, after these concepts are introduced, participants have gained a hold on the general idea and why we might exploit them in our everyday software engineering. These ideas are introduced over a short period, and although it is not expected to achieve complete fluency, a participant is well-equipped to self-study these ideas in the long term.

General comfort (though not complete fluency) with these ideas is therefore a prerequisite for the Applied FP Course. If you are unsure what that might be like, following are some concrete questions to test yourself on.

  1. Write a function with the following type: Applicative f => [f a] -> f [a].

  2. There are five functions below. Four of them will always give the same output, for given inputs. Which is the odd one out?

  3. Do these two programs always give the same result? Why?

  4. Which of these programs will compile? How many are equivalent to each other?

If you are confident in exploring a process to answer these questions (though not necessarily arrive at a correct answer), then the Applied FP Course is for you. If you feel you need to brush up on these ideas, then the Introductory FP Course will cover them off.

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> Tony Morris

Tony Morris is a programmer at the Queensland Functional Programming Lab.